-2019 world championship coaching in Poland 
-2019 Europe circuit coaching in France   3rd place
-The 38th  national group fencing champions series 2nd place
-The 40th presidential cup national group fencing championship series 3rd place
-The 30th chairman cup national individual fencing championships series 3rd place
-The 39th national group fencing championship series 3rd place
-The 29th culture and tourism minster cup national fencing junior championships 2nd place
-The 82nd national athletic meet 1st place
-Thailand asia open cup 1st place
-The 40th national group fencing championship series 3rd place
-The 41st national group fencing championship series 2nd place
-The 84th national athletic meet 3rd place
IMG_1461 (1).JPG
-2016 cadet pan-american fencing champion
-2016 north shore athlete of the year finalist
-2016 face recipient 


-2004 32nd Ministry of culture Junior & cadet championships 1st place

-2007 36th KFF president trophy championships 2nd place

-2008 89th National sport festival 3rd place

-2009 38th KFF president trophy championships 3rd place

-2009 47th National fencing championships 1st place

-2009 Asian junior fencing championship 3rd place

-2010 12nd KUFF president trophy championships 1st place

-2011 49th National fencing championships 2nd place

-2011 National regular team qualifying event  Selected

-2011 Korea national team selected